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  • Economic Sanity:

    There is no doubt that our economy is worse off now than two years ago. Democratic control of the House and Senate and executive branch is responsible for the worst inflation in forty years. The political establishment’s spending is out of control. Democrats have added more than $2,000.00 a year in cost to the average American in the past year. The cost of essentials such as food, clothing, housing and gasoline are an increasing burden to low and middle class families. The Democrats spending bills include direct and indirect tax increases on hardworking Americans. The National Debt is more than $30 trillion with no solutions to reduce it. Therefore, the U.S. Dollar does not have the same purchasing power. Americans are subsidizing wasteful, pork barrel projects around the world. These insane, destructive policies must stop.

    The following are legislative solutions to improve the economy:

    1. Make 2017 Trump tax-cuts permanent: Pass additional tax cuts for the middle class.
    2. Free up the American energy industry: America is rich in natural resources and has about a 200 year supply of oil and natural gas. Energy independence is a matter of national security. There is no reason to subcontract our energy needs to Iran, Venezuela, OPEC or Russia.
    3. Balanced Budget Legislation: Legislation requiring that all future spending bills are limited by a concrete funding source. The unlimited increase in the national debt is debilitating our country.
    4. End Federal Income Tax: Legislation requiring that all future spending bills are limited by a concrete funding source. The unlimited increase in the national debt is debilitating our country.
    5. Close the Internal Revenue Service: The IRS has been weaponized against conservative political organizations. It is a corrupt agency that cannot be trusted to fulfill its duty in a legal manner.
    6. China Reparations: China must pay reparations for the COVID-19 Pandemic. COVID-19 started in Wuhan, China. Whether or not there is enough evidence to prove the COVID virus was created in the Wuhan Virology Lab through gain-of-function research or it naturally mutated is irrelevant. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) prohibited travel from Wuhan to anywhere else in China, but allowed travel from Wuhan to other countries knowing that the virus could spread. Additionally, the CCP withheld PPE resources from the U.S. The fact still remains that the CCP’s conduct caused intentional harm to other countries including the United States. The CCP must be held accountable for their actions in damaging the U.S. economy and adding trillions of dollars to the national debt. As of 2020, China owned approximately 5% of the United States national debt, more than $1.1 Trillion. China should waive any U.S. national debt owed to them or alternatively, the U.S. should seek legal damages.
  • Federal Government Overreach:

    The United States is founded upon a checks and balance system in which the most powerful check on an overreaching government is the American Citizen. The citizen was given the voting power to form and direct governments’ power. But, in the last several decades there has been a pervasive consolidation and nearly tyrannical centralized control dictated from D.C. The current power of the Federal government vastly exceeds the scope of powers granted in the original United States Constitution. In order to maintain that power, the ruling class, mostly dominated by deeply entrenched elitists executed the greatest election theft ever in the history of the United States. The consent of the people was usurped by a coordinated, calculated criminal attack.

    The following are legislative limits on Federal government abuses of power:

    1. Voter I.D. requirement for federal elections: The days of dead people voting, double/triple voting, hundreds of votes from the same non-existing address, universal mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, unmonitored ballot boxes, chain of custody discrepancies with thousands of post deadline counting, blocking poll observers, poll workers with access to thumb-drives and changing databases and voting machines that can be easily hacked and other security breaches must come to an end. The United States of America is not a third world country. The very basis of a civilized, free people is a fair and accurate election.
    2. Congressional Term Limits: Members of Congress should be limited to 12 years in either the House or Senate. The founding fathers intended for Congress representatives to be one with the people rather than elitist career politicians that are unaccountable. These millionaire legislators abuse their power with insider trading and special interest connections. Incumbent re-election rates never dip below ninety-percent (90%) and sometimes are as high as ninety-eight (98%) giving them a tremendously unfair advantage in all elections. There are only 525 congressional representatives out of 323 million in population. Most of those 525 maintain power for decades. It is time that we give more persons a try at running this nation.
    3. Single Subject Rule: All federal legislation must be transparent and limited to one subject. The American taxpayer has been fleeced for decades with middle of the night votes on thousand page bills that nobody has read or has time to read.
    4. Draining the Swamp: Defund and eventually abolish the Departments of Education, Housing and Urban Development, and Agriculture at least and return those functions back to the states. Those Federal entities that are not enumerated power in the United States Constitution and therefore shouldn’t exist.
    5. Remove Immunity from Section 230 Free Speech is the bedrock of a free society. Social media companies have become the propaganda arm of the leftist elitist. Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter hold a virtual monopoly on communication and exchange of information. Their chokehold on communication requires them to be held to a higher standard. Let the users have a private cause of actions to ask the court for fairness. Section 230 must be repealed in part.
  • Protect the Environment:

    It is simply common-sense to protect the environment. Who doesn’t want clean water to drink and swim and clean air to breathe? Florida’s water is essential to everyone’s quality of life and must be a priority for all elected officials in Florida. However, the global-warming-Greta-Thunberg-carnival-barkers are the fronts for the socialist globalist whose goal is to remove the U.S. as a global leader. No one disputes that the largest contributors to Carbon Dioxide Emissions is China, India and Russia. No one can dispute that carbon dioxide emissions decreased during the Trump Administration and subsequently increased during the Biden administration. The Paris Climate Accord’s main purpose is to drain the U.S. citizens of their hard earned tax dollars and transfer wealth from the U.S. to the rest of the world. No pressure is placed on the worst offending countries for decades. No true, patriot can support America’s participation in the Paris Climate Accord. However, the U.S. could become true leaders in environmental protection with clean natural gas, clean coal, new small nuclear plants, and lead technology advancements in renewable and energy saving devices. The “Let them drive electric cars” elitists cannot possibly make enough infrastructure and batteries to convert all the necessary trucks and cars to electric to make a difference. And they certainly haven’t added up all the drain on the electric grid which is mostly powered by fossil fuels.

  • Stop Immigration Abuse:

    Under the Biden administration, illegal immigration has hit an all-time high with more than a 45 million illegal alien population. A 2017 study revealed that illegal immigrants account for $100 billion in tax payer costs annually. The crisis at the border is largely due to inherently unfair and absurdly relaxed enforcement of immigration laws that allow and even incentivize illegal crossings at the border.

    The following are legislative solutions to the Border Crisis:

    1. Build the Wall: The Biden administration diverted the funds allocated by Congress to build the wall and the project remains unfinished. The Border Wall is a matter of National Security. American citizens have a right to know that the people entering this country are not terrorists, narco-traffickers and felons.
    2. Abolish Birth-right citizenship: Current law incentivizes illegal immigrants to cross the border, have a child, and then abuse chain-immigration policies to seek citizenship. Abolishing Birth-right citizenship would disincentivize illegal migration.
    3. No citizenship pathway for illegals: Deny a pathway to citizenship for any illegal immigrant who availed themselves of taxpayer treasury unless the illegal self-deports, enter legally and repay the American taxpayer for appropriation of American wealth.
    4. No social service programs for illegal aliens: Many illegals are motivated by taking advantage of the enormously generous U.S. social service benefits. Most Central American countries do not provide free education beyond 7th grade. U.S. legislation that prevents illegal aliens in the US from enjoying social services would incentivize legitimate asylum seekers to follow proper and lawful immigration laws.
  • Right to Life from Conception:

    Life begins at conception. Repeat. Life begins at conception. To be pro-life is to be pro-woman and there is no greater virtue than to be a warrior and protector for the sanctity of an infant’s life. A woman’s body is no longer exclusively her own when she becomes the vessel for another human being. It is immoral and unconscionable to advocate for the killing of viable infant’s life for any reason except for the mother’s life. Any person from any political persuasion who advocates for the killing of viable infants up to and beyond birth are advocating for pre-meditated murder. The current legislation that legalizes abortion in the third trimester must be stopped. Any judicial nominee that will not protect the most basic of human right, the right to life, must be disqualified. There must be legislation passed to protect the life of the unborn from the moment of conception, without exception, but for the life of the mother as determined by a board certified doctor.

  • Healthcare Decisions are Personal:

    Government needs to stay out of everybody’s healthcare business. No one knows all the details and factors that go into making healthcare decisions except you. These very personal and private healthcare decisions rest solely between you and your doctor. Insurance companies and the government have increasingly encroached and restricted our right to make our own health decisions. Our current healthcare system is fraught with hardships and barriers to care. I believe we need to remove the mountains of regulations and requirements that interfere with access to healthcare and return healthcare to the free-market. I propose removing the middlemen from the delivery of healthcare and returning total control of healthcare to each individual. We should allow individuals or groups to purchase health insurance across state lines. The government should lift regulations that restrict the ability to purchase prescription drugs from other countries. As your Congresswoman, I will introduce legislation to allow the purchase of Medicare down to age 55. And I believe that healthy, well-developed children are our national treasure and children must be prioritized and cherished. I will sponsor legislation for universal Medicaid for children from birth to 18 years old. No parent should ever have to choose between child’s healthcare and feeding their family. This can be done by cutting exorbitant spending in other legislation.

  • Education:

    Children are our most valued asset and must be cherished. Parents’ rights are fundamental and have a right to determine their children’s education. Just because parents send their children to a public school does not mean they forfeit their parental rights. No caring parent wants their children exposed to age-inappropriate education. And purposeful indoctrination of children towards one political viewpoint has no place in public education.

    Furthermore, many educational institutions abuse their power and status to indoctrinate college students with leftist ideology. These colleges exert their influence on a young captive audience to politically engineer the next generation of leftist, socialists. Conservative students’ free speech rights’ are routinely infringed with impunity. Conservative students who suffer discrimination and retaliations from the overwhelming percentage of leftist professors who discriminate overtly and covertly have no recourse. The U.S. Department of Education protects educational institutions to avoid any consequences for acts of bad faith against students.

    The following are legislative solutions to the educational institutions discrimination:

    1. Property Right in Continued College Enrollment: Academic dismissals have been weaponized by some colleges to eliminate conservative students. A property right in continued enrollment allows conservative students to have procedural due process rights and end arbitrary and capricious dismissals.
    2. FERPA Private cause of Action: There must be legislation allowing a private cause of action for students to sue their schools and the Department of Education for FERPA violations. This will create legal accountability for the negligence or malfeasance of colleges and universities.
    3. The Department of Education must be defunded: In the meantime there should be penalties for inexcusable delays in completing investigations.

  • I Support:

    • Stop sending money to non-allied foreign countries and other international organizations until we get our own house in order.
    • All 31 words of the Pledge of Allegiance should be part of every child’s school day.
    • Gay marriage is settled law.
    • Adoption regardless of gender, marital status or sexual preference.
    • Standing for the National Anthem.
    • Israel is our greatest ally.
    • No Iranian nuclear deal.
    • Back the Blue. Fund the police.
    • Improving the Veteran’s Administration.
    • Religious Freedom is the first and most important individual freedom.
    • Strong 2nd Amendment.
    • Social Security Lock-box.