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There is no greater honor than to announce that I have been endorsed by these American Patriots:

Bella Altura

“There could not be a better candidate. So happy for [Christy’s] efforts for a blessing to America and Florida.”

Bella born in Nazi, Germany escaped with her family to America and developed a deep and passionate love for her new country. Bella holds both a master’s and a doctorate’s degree in scientific fields with a focus in Cardiovascular research. Bella published thousands of articles with her late husband Burt. She also published several books including “What Difference Does it Make?” Bella and Christy met through Republican Party of Florida events. Christy taught Bella how to use Facebook and brought Bella to Young Republicans events to share her story. Christy and Bella have been good friends for several years and Christy is honored to have her endorsement.

Lady MAGA USA (Ryan Woods)

“Christy McLaughlin is a young force of patriotism like no one else. She’s determined, unapologetically America-first & fights like a real Queen. I would know! Christy McLaughlin is the antidote to the Woke poison that’s destroying her generation. Don’t be fooled by her beauty – she’s a Patriot Queen ready to take on the leftist overlords! Christy McLaughlin is a fighter, an America-first Patriot, a red-blooded American, and a fierce Queen ready to fight. What more could you ask for? I’ve personally witnessed not only Christy’s patriotism, but her kindness and compassion. She’s exactly what FL-22 needs right now. She’s got the tireless energy of a Queen ready to fight for freedom! Christy McLaughlin is afraid of nothing. Unlike others in her generation, she doesn’t cry for a safe space when times get tough. She fights for America like a lioness!”

Christy is proud to say, Lady MAGA USA, is one of her best friends. Lady MAGA USA is a drag artist that fights the radical leftist “dangerous agenda such as hormone injections for children, “drag kids,” sexually explicit “Pride Parades” and overt persecution of traditional families and religious Conservatives.” Lady MAGA USA is the President of Utah’s Log Cabin Republicans and travels all over the country entertaining people with his wholesome form of drag artistry that advocates for American Conservative values.

Dr. Linda Lee Tarver

“It gives me great pleasure to endorse Christy McLaughlin for United States Congress. Christy has demonstrated she is a tenacious transformative leader who brings a depth of understanding of the issues of our day. As an educational advocate, Ms. McLaughlin can be trusted to advance a child-focused, parent-approved, America First literacy recovery agenda in Washington DC.”

Dr. Linda Lee Tarver is an election integrity expert, education advocate, Republican author and Civil Rights advocate. She famously testified in Michigan in 2020 on the statistical evidence of voter fraud.

Jesse Binnall

“Christy is a strong and energetic advocate for election integrity. She passionately and selflessly served in every way she was called to do after the 2020 election. If elected to Congress you can trust her to put the best legislation forth to restore American trust in Federal elections.”

Luke Negron

“Christy, aside from being a great legislator, will inspire young voters to become Constitutionalists. She is prepared to make serious reform in the overly intrusive Federal government for the future of this country.”

Jaha Cummings

“Christy loves Florida and will protect our interests in DC. We can trust her to advocate for clean water and to keep Federal government overreach out of our free Florida.”